Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back from NC

Well, I just got back from seeing the boy in NC. The drive didn't seem as bad as it usually does. Probably because I actually did the whole thing during the day. Normally I either do it all at night when I get off work and don't get there until midnight or later, or I end up doing at least half of it at night. I won't see him for a few months at least. Hopefully I'll see him again in early March. I hate this stupid training crap. He's already going away for 7 months why does he have to train somewhere else for the 3 months before? Why can't he train while he's at work on his base?

Anyway. I'm so exhausted. I'm waiting for my textbook to get here so that I can start doing my school stuff. She said she sent it about a week ago, so with any luck it'll be here tomorrow. I was hoping it would be here when I got back from the trip so that I could knock out a few things now, while I actually have some motivation. Plus, it's easier for me to get things done on the weekend. After working all day with my babies, I'm tired as anything. Not to mention, I have to come home and take care of my dogs who have been in their crates all day. Oh well...I'll just keep my fingers crossed I guess.

I'm determined to make at least one thing scrapbook/papercraft related by the end of next weekend. I have one week. I'm going to make it happen!

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