Sunday, January 18, 2009


So, being typical me, I chose to go shopping instead of sitting down and doing homework. I really am planning on doing some tonight and getting as much as possible done.

Anyway, I ended up spending too much money and came back with all of that. Paper (that I ended up already having...), thickers, lots of adhesive, a book, two magazines, a glitter/embossing powder tray, paintbrush, tweezers, stamps, craft mat, pink palette, and all the necessary things for coloring with gamsol as well as things for a new label maker. I'll do a review on both coming up in the next week.

I'm excited about using all this stuff. Not to mention I can't wait to get my clip it up from Samantha. It will hopefully eliminate a whole set of sticker/embellishment filled drawers for me.

Well, it was a "short" post for once, but I need to go and do some of this homework. I'm going to try and get at least 4 modules (basically sections) of this class done, and then another four tomorrow, and so on until I'm done.

PS - Still haven't heard from the prospective new job yet. She's dealing with the loss of her mother though so I know I'm not top priority right now. I sent her a "thank you for letting me interview" email, so maybe that will generate a yes or no.

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