Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have the hiccups. They're driving me crazy. I can't get rid of them.

Anyway. I'm excited. After many emails back and forth, I finally have an interview set up for my potential new job on Saturday. It's at 10:30am. I have my resume typed up and ready to go. I just need to type up my references. That will be easy though. I'm so ready to get away from the place I work now. Too much drama, too many people that don't care about the kids and just want to socialize or talk on their phone all day. Don't get me wrong, I like to talk to my coworkers, but the kids come first. Not to mention the benefits this job will have (closer to home, more pay, more relaxed setting, etc) compared to the job I have now.

So yeah, I just had to share my excitement about it being only two days away and hopefully I will know if I can put my two weeks in or not. After that I get to "relax" (aka doing things for this class I'm taking) Then I'm babysitting my two favorite girls, Morgan and Taylor. Although Morgan has been grouchy recently (I blame that on the two molars she's got coming in though) they are probably two of the best behaved and best all around kids I've met. When I first started at the daycare all Morgan did was sleep. She'd wake up eventually to eat and be changed, and then go right back to sleep. Now she's down to one nap a day and crawling all over and about to start walking. I'm going to miss them when I leave, but I figure I'll still be able to babysit. Maybe I'll tell their mom and dad they should take a date night once a week! Ha!

Well, I have got to finish this observation write up for my class, so that I can do the second one tomorrow night or over the weekend. I still have to find my Ravens jersey to wear to work tomorrow as well. It feels so much later than it really is, probably because I didn't get anywhere near as much sleep as I needed last night. Can you tell I'm procrastinating yet?!? Alright, here I go. I'm going to force myself to get it done. Hopefully, I'll be back on Saturday with a happy update telling you about how much I'm going to love the new job I just got hired for ;D!

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