Monday, February 23, 2009

Trouble in paradise

Yep, you heard that right. Over 3 years since we've been together and we've hit a bit of a bump. Lots of things were discussed, and we've decided to try to make it work. We'll see what happens over the next week or so. I'll leave it at that.

I had a lot of fun the past few days. I think it's just what I needed. Sometimes you just need to let loose and be you, fully and completely.

Anyway, enough of my babbling. I am desperately in need of doing a major cleaning of my craft area, and my room in general. Things are shoved everywhere and in no order whatsoever. I did make a birthday card for a friend amidst all that mess somehow. I kept meaning to take a picture of it, but I never got around to it. She has it now, so it's a little too late.

Once I clean (and find some time), I'll take a picture of whatever I make.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This weekend.

This weekend has been crazzzy. Well, not really..but it just seems like the more I get done, the more I have to do. Ever have that feeling?!? I feel like I did a lot for some reason. I think I'm just emotionally exhausted. Work on Friday, then watched one of my "old" babies and his sister...that brought up some things..., emissions testing on Valentines day, then a whole lot of nothing, but it took some out of me emotionally, then today I went store to store, did laundry, homework, etc.

Now I feel like I have more to do...more laundry, more homework/projects, shave my dogs down (two shih-tzus...they're a mess), grocery store...I could go on forever.

This week will probably be busy too. I have a full week of classes ahead (I have every other monday online instead of at school, but this monday is at school). Not to mention my best friend's turns the big 2-1 on Thursday. So that will be a late night. Dinner on Friday with an old friend too. Hopefully, I can get some craft stuff actually done this weekend. I have a few projects in mind.

How was everyone's valentines day? I thought I could get through this one pretty easily, I mean he's been gone every other one...I thought wrong. I cried. More than once. I guess I didn't help myself by watching sappy romantic comedies on TV all day either. It just seems unfair that they take them away for months of training right before they're deployed for months. That's the Marine Corps for ya though. I can't wait to see him again. I miss him so much it's ridiculous. I just keep telling myself "one day at a time". I need to get a calendar soon. Last deployment I crossed off each day and wrote "one month down", "two months down", etc on the correct date. It really helped me to see that I was making progress, that the days really were passing, and I was another day closer to seeing him again.

Alright, enough blabbing, I'm off to put a few things away, put my laundry in the dryer, cuddle with my dogs, and call it a night.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm still alive

I swear I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I've just been so busy lately. It felt like (and was basically true) that I was only home this past week to eat and sleep. I'd come home for my break from work and let the dogs out and eat my lunch. Then it was back to work. Then home for a snack and then off to school. When I came home from school it was dinner time, and then I was so exhausted I went up to bed.

Last night, I was knocked out at like 9:30! On a friday night! I woke up long enough to get off the sofa, let the dogs outside and back in, and go up to bed. I didn't wake up until 8:30 this morning. I felt like I should have gone back to bed too, but figured if I did I wouldn't wake up until noon and I didn't want to sleep that long.

Since I'm so tired each night, the last thing I want to do is homework. Which means that's all left to do on the weekend. It's only the first week and I have a ton to do tomorrow. Here it is, barely 10:30 and I feel like I'm up way past my bedtime. Can you believe this? 21 years old and wanting to be in bed before 10:30 each night? Hopefully my body will adjust soon and I'll get on a good schedule and won't feel so zapped of energy all the time.

The good news is that I love my job. I love my coworkers, although I see some talking behind backs, but it's nothing I haven't dealt with before and to a much larger extent. The kids are all really good. I just need to learn their schedules. I'm doing it, it's just hard to learn all 9 at once. I think I'm going to really study their schedules on Monday.

My classes this semester are going to kick my butt. Theirs no doubt about that one. There's going to be lots of projects and papers, not to mention the regular chapter readings. One of my classes is going to have guest speakers and a field trip to the NICU. I think this would be an amazing class if the teacher wasn't so ... what's the word I'm looking for? Not boring just... blah. Nothing special I guess.

In paper craft related news, I got a little bit of organizing done today. I added everything to my clip up. I had just enough space and just enough clips. I want the upper tier, but then it won't fit on my desk hutch. I have to move some other things around as well. I got my other two cropper hoppers yesterday so I'm going to have to put them on the hutch as well. This means 4 cropper hoppers, my clip it up, plus my stampin up ink caddy all up there. So my watercolor crayons, trio punch with tin, and random other things that are up there need to find a new home. Not sure where I'm going to put them yet.

I spent entirely too much money recently. I need to cut back on that, but I'm hoping with this spent I'll be set for a while. It was just bills, plus my virus protection software subscription, and I caved and ordered some things from Papertrey Ink. BUT! Most of the things from PTI are going to save me money. I'm thinking way in advance. I'm talking 10 months in advance. I decided to make recipe boxes for my extended family instead of buying things for them. I bought PTI's Recipe Box stamp set. Plus one of their egg boxes so that I could get a feel for what I'm doing. I got an order of their recipe cards as well. The stamps I'll use to make my own recipe box too, which is something I've wanted to do for a while, so I would have bought them anyway. So total cost for probably 12 presents for christmas? $48 dollars. I'll probably end up buying another stamp set anyway, so I'll get the boxes at that point and qualify for free shipping. So each present is only going to cost me $4 since I'll be using paper or paint I already have to cover the box.

Well, now that this post is entirely too long, I need to get off to bed so I don't get too far off my schedule and sleep too far in tomorrow. Then I'll start the torture of getting used to a new schedule all over on Monday morning and that's not something I want to do!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quick post

Visiting the boy in North Carolina was great! I had a really good time. Who knew playing a video game could be so much fun?! We played Resistance on PS3 a lot. I'm not even into video games, but it was a lot of fun. We did a lot of running around too, but I even enjoyed that...ugh. He's getting ready to get deployed (even though it's not for another few months) but I'm not ready. I guess I'll just have to be. Nothing I can really do about it huh?

I rearranged some of my craft stuff in my room. I like it a lot better..the only problem is that I now can't fit my chair under my desk. So I'm going to have to figure something out.

Normally this would be longer, and probably have some pictures, but it's gotta be quick tonight. I have to get some stuff ready to take to my new job tomorrow to complete all of my paperwork. So, I'm off to get that all together.