Sunday, June 14, 2009


Organized. It's another one of my goals to complete before the boy comes home. I will get organized and I will keep it that way. It seems like I never have enough time to get everything put together and organized the way I want.

I want free time where I have nothing to do as well, but that doesn't happen anymore either. Hopefully it will when I'm done with school for this summer semester/session. Only a little under three weeks left and I'll be finished.

Today I've been taking care of my dogs (they're long haired- a Shih-tzu mix) and I've shaved one down. Now I'm doing some laundry before shaving the other down and then giving them both a bath. They've got a vet appointment tomorrow evening that they need to look good for. Not that they were a mess before, but a bath and fresh haircut always helps.

Just for my own purpose and need to plan, let's make a to do list just for today.
1) Finish shaving Puddles (fix up a few spots and trim around his head)
2) Shave Tucker completely
3) Give both dogs a bath
4) Finish laundry and putting away clothes
5) Write up oral presentation/powerpoint for class

And my things to do in general, sometime soon:
1) Put all die cut stuff in baskets
2) Go through all VHS tapes and get rid of most, if not all of them
3) Finish organizing bookshelf
4) Organize put away all craft/scrapbook stuff that's still sitting in bags (sad, I know)
5) Get the boys carepackage put together and mailed out no later than Wednesday.

As I type the little button that's usally under the U key just fell off (my U key itself has been off for a was too much hassle to keep putting it back on just to have it fall off again 5 minutes later so I just left it off) so I think that's my sign that it's time to go.

But before I do, can I just say how happy I am to FINALLY be able to say that we are officially ONE MONTH DOWN with this deployment? Woo hoo!

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