Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making money.

Oh the desire to make more money. Sure what I make at the daycare is enough to cover bills and what not. But I feel guilty spending money when I still owe my parents for car insurance and such. A girls gotta go out though right?

Thus, I started looking for extra babysitting jobs. I currently watch two sets of family's children. I put an ad on craigslist and had a bunch of responses. A few were spam, but there were two or so that were legit. One I did an interview sort of thing tonight. It's watching three boys occasionally so that their parents can go out. The boys are adorable! Three little blond haired blue eyed rough and tumble boys. They're 6, 4, and 3. She's checking my references tomorrow (which I know for a fact will go through and be good) and once she gets the okay from them, I've got the job. The pay is good. The other one I'm waiting to hear back. The mom is a nurse at one of the hospitals, so I know she's busy. Between work, school, and babysitting probably once a week or so I'll be busy. The plan is to use my daycare paychecks to pay everything (or as much as I can) off by the time the boy gets back from this deployment. I'm sick of being in debt, so I figured it's time to do something about it :)

Hopefully it'll be one goal checked off my list when he gets back. And who knows, maybe running after the boys all the time will help me check another goal off, losing weight. Who has time to eat when I'm running after kids all day!

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