Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated with the fact that it's raining outside. I'm frustrated with people at work who are just ridiculous. I'm frustrated with the fact that I could really use a hug and some cuddle time, but my boyfriend is on a ship a million miles away. I'm frustrated with the fact that I really need to organize my room and craft space, but have no real motivation to do so. The TV keeps turning itself off, driving me crazy. I want to just lay here and relax, watch a movie, be completely lazy...instead I can't watch TV and there is only so much I can do on the computer. I am just in no mood to get up and begin a task that will take who knows how long to complete.

Anywayyyyyyyyy.... I ended up spending two hours at the vet last night. And I came out with a $487 bill. The worst part was that it was a routine visit. No emergency what-so-ever. Both of the dogs needed three shots and a general exam. However, being that it's spring (a fresh start, so to speak) and will soon be summer, I thought it prudent to get some blood work done on them so I would be 100% certain they had no issues and no heartworms. There goes another $50 a dog. With the results for both comepletely negative, it was time to get medicine to prevent them ever having lymes disease, fleas, heartworm, etc. There goes another $100 (thankfully this was enough for both)...and there goes almost $500. Not to mention that they had 12 emergencies that day and were wayyyyyyyy behind with appointments. We waited an hour before my dogs were seen. Usually we're in and out pretty quickly, so we were patient unlike others in the waiting room. Oh well. Next year, they'll just need the exam, meds, and 2 less expensive shots. My bill will be at least $200 cheaper. Thankfully.

In happier news, Jan is giving away some great blog candy. I would love to have that machine!

I'm off to surf some blogs, and hopefully gain some motivation to get up and organize!

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