Saturday, May 2, 2009

where I've been.

Whew! Its been so long since I posted. I've been so busy! This whole going to school full time and working full time kicks my butt. I'm almost done thank god. Well...for a week or so anyway. But at least then I'll only have a month of one class where I meet twice a week and that's all. It's a little bit of a break anyway. Then I'm free for almost two months. Free from school that is. Still have to make that money! Haha. No, but I love what I do. I love each and every one of my babies.

My great uncle did pass away shortly after my last post. While it was expected, it still hurt. A lot. He will be and is greatly missed.

The boy and I are still together, still going strong. He was just up here visiting for a little bit under two weeks. Unfortunately it was for pre-deployment leave. Off to Afghanistan he goes. Actually, right now I should be doing a million things for homework that I need to get done before I go down to North Carolina to see him before he leaves...but instead I'm procrastinating by writing this blog. I'll be down there from Friday until the day he leaves, which I'm not going to put on here for OPSEC reasons. But lets just say, it's entirely too close.

I figured out I'll be done school (with my AA) anyway after the spring semester (so only a year to go) Then I'll have another two years till I'll have my Bachelors. Ack. I'm so ready for school to be over with.

Well, enough procrastinating for now. Off to go do tons of homework!

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