Saturday, May 16, 2009

7 month countdown begins

He's gone. He left on Thursday. This deployment already seems harder than the first. A few times a day, especially at night when we would usually call each other, I just want to pick up the phone and text or call him. I go so far as to get my phone in my hand, take off the key lock, and then realize I can't. He called last night. It was really nice to hear his voice even though it was only for a few minutes and even though he had only been gone for a day.

I can't wait to start on his care packages. I already know of a few that I'm going to do. I want to try and send one at least once a month. First I have to figure out how long it takes to get something from here to him on average. I don't want to send some type of food that spoils in two weeks if it's going to take a month to get to him!

At least from here on out, instead of counting the days until he leaves, I get to count the days until he's home again. Which obviously is a much better date to count to.

I have lots of plans to keep myself busy while he's gone. Joining a gym, taking a summer course, taking a full course load in the fall, continuing to work full time the entire time he's gone, completely clean/rearrange my room, quit the terrible habit of smoking, save money, oh the list could go on and on.

It's one of those really disgusting days out. I'd much rather it be pouring down then this sticky wet feeling. It's like you're sweating all day, but you're not. You just have this nasty wet, humid feeling all day long. I feel like I need to shower for the second time today and it's only 1:30 in the afternoon.

Well, I'm off to go and get ready for a graduation party I have to go to at 4.

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Mollie said...

Holy Cow... I know people probably say this to you all the time, but I really know the exact feeling you are describing here. I think these exact thoughts have run through my head word for word many times before... My boyfriend is in the military as well...Time will pass quicker than you think... But it's still hard in the mean time. If you need anyone to talk to, let me know!! :)